Best Baby Stroller Reviews 2015

best baby strollerIf you’ve found out you or someone who you care about is about to have a baby, it’s time to buy the basic items needed to care for a baby. Babies need lots of things, and while many people are happy to give you hand-me-downs, those might not always be the safest option. Saving money won’t help you later if your baby has an accident that turns fatal, and it does happen, sadly. It’ll bring you peace of mind of you have a current model of the best baby stroller, no matter which type you choose. Many families have more than one type of stroller to help out with their active lifestyles.

Different Types of Stroller to Suit Your Lifestyle and Your Budget Too

There are many different types of stroller available today. Before, there were only a few makers of strollers, and options were few. Specialty strollers, like jogging strollers, were extremely high priced, and out of reach for many people. Now, anything from the umbrella stroller to ultra light  jogging strollers for twins or triplets are priced at levels anyone can afford.

Because many families have more than one stroller, it’s quite acceptable to place more than one on your baby wish list. Many families leave the larger stroller in the trunk of the car so it’s ready to go wherever you drive to, be it the mall or a friend’s house where you both walk your babies to the park, and keep a lighter and much smaller umbrella stroller in the house for brisk walks around the neighborhood, with a jogging stroller in the garage for those times when you go jogging or speed-walking around the block and want to take your baby with you. Having different strollers for different needs opens up activities for you that you’d have to get a sitter to watch your baby otherwise.

Double Strollers – Best for expanding families

First and foremost, it is important to note that best double stroller is a handy accessory used by parents with more than one child.Having children, whether they are twins or toddlers of around the same age, can be really hectic. Managing to attend to them as well as doing your daily activities is a hustle. A double stroller is quite convenient as it enables you to have both children at the same place at the same time. It’s cheap and best double stroller enables the parents to keep an eye on both children while in the outdoors. So buy a best double stroller today.

Double strollers may appear to be all the same with similar features at a glance. A closer look at each stroller will reveal to you the difference in each and the benefits you stand to enjoy. Having said that, most double stroller seem to perform quite well with very few drawbacks. To get the best double stroller, ensure that you select one that meets most if not all your requirements.

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Umbrella Strollers – Best for travel

Best umbrella stroller (s) are lightweight kind that fold up, like umbrellas, and can be carried in hand or tucked into the car.To be rated “best” they need to be light, durable, and maneuverable. Some first time shoppers may be surprised to find out that the manufacturing label “umbrella stroller” does not refer to the sun canopy above the baby’s head. Although the sun canopy is an essential option for a stroller to earn a place on anybody’s top ten list, cheaper umbrella strollers may not have one. Top rated best umbrella stroller reviews are here.

Finding the best umbrella stroller for your needs is easy. You need to know that umbrella strollers aren’t recommended for newborn or very young infants, although for a quick walk around the block, they are fine to use. You just don’t want to take one on a trip to the mall that will last for hours. Buying one in anticipation of your baby’s birth is fine, as long as your intention is to wait until about five or six months of age before using it for longer periods of time. This is because before that age your baby’s spine needs support that it won’t receive from an umbrella stroller. Before you know it, your baby will reach that age and then you can safely use it more often.

One of the better-known companies that make strollers is Cosco, and their most recent umbrella strollers received quite a bit of excellent feedback from other parents. The sole complaint is that if a parent is very tall, the non-adjustable handle lengths make it cumbersome. There are handle extenders available that you can buy. If one stroller is too short for you to push easily and safely, then it is very likely that you will need them for other strollers, and not just the umbrella type.

Cosco’s two latest umbrella strollers are the Sleep Monsters Umbrella Stroller  that is your basic best umbrella stroller but with a very cute print fabric instead of the traditional solid or floral one. The other best umbrella stroller Cosco Umbrella Stroller with Canopy that they’ve designed is with a pink floral print from Loralee. This one has a canopy in solid pink. Both strollers have the same frame, and can hold babies and toddlers up to 40 pounds. Both strollers also use a 3-point harness to secure your baby into the stroller.

Harnesses are installed in strollers for good reasons. Babies do move around, and in places such as the mall during busier times, the harness will keep your baby from tumbling out if someone should ever bump into the stroller with enough force. It will also keep your toddler from climbing out when you are distracted at a sales counter or talking to a friend.

Umbrella strollers are one of the easiest kinds of strollers to clean. As long as you let them dry thoroughly after cleaning, it’s okay to wash them off in the shower with soapy water and a stiff brush in the winter, or in the summer, with the garden hose. In the winter, let drip dry in the tub or shower stall until you’re satisfied it won’t drip puddles on your floor, then place in the direction of one of your heating vents. In the summer, place outside in the shade so it doesn’t fade from the sun until completely dry.

Submerging the stroller, or any stroller for that matter, isn’t recommended because the frames are made of hollow tubes, either circular or rounded squares diagonally, and if water is left inside, rusting can result, weakening the frame and making it a dangerous stroller for your baby. You or your baby could end up being cut with a rusty part of the stroller also. Cleaning the other types of stroller is a bit more complicated, though.

One thing about best umbrella strollers that you should know is that there is little or no space to place baby’s gear. Many parents will hang the diaper bag over the handles, and this is fine as long as it is not too heavy. If the bag is heavier than the stroller and your baby’s combined weight, this can result in tipping over backward, which can cause a head injury. The weight of potential shopping bags that you’ll be placing on the handles needs to be figured into the equation, also. One thing to be aware of is when you lift your baby out of the stroller, always remove the bag first. This prevents the stroller from tipping over and hitting your baby as you are lifting him or her out of the stroller.

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Other Lightweight Strollers – Best for travel

Lightweight strollers are excellent choices for those who have experienced nerve damage or C-section deliveries. These are easily opened, closed, lifted into and out of trunks, and also pushed around because of their light weight. If you’ve had a C-section or have nerve damage because your baby was extra-large, you might find that a lightweight stroller offers the benefits of an umbrella stroller’s lightness, but the storage capacity of a larger, heavier stroller.
The best lightweight stroller  for your family is going to depend on a few different factors. While umbrella strollers fold up fairly the same way, with only a few variations from one model to the next one, lightweight strollers have several different ways of opening and closing.

If you had a C-section, or expect to have one, your abdomen may be sore and tender for quite a while. If you have to manipulate a stroller to open or close it, and at any time you need to use your stomach for leverage, this could become uncomfortable or even painful for you. If you have nerve damage in your arms or hands, needing to slide or push a button while needing to twist a handle may be too difficult for you to do. This type of closing mechanism is an excellent safety feature, but can be very difficult, and frustrating, to do easily.

Lighter strollers are great for many families, especially those ones who are very active or who are on a tight budget. For those that are active, it makes sense to have an extra stroller for those times when someone else in the family has the stroller in the car instead of having left the stroller at home, making it possible for someone else to easily have baby tag-along with them when making a quick trip over to a neighbor’s house. It’s always easier and safer to load both baby and the diaper bag into a stroller and go than it is to carry both baby and the diaper bag in your arms and over your shoulder. Having an extra stroller lets you do that. For those on a tight budget, a lightweight stroller will have most, but not all, of the features found on a larger, heavier stroller, and still fit your budget. Also, as finances permit, you can buy different accessories to add to your stroller. These accessories will make your stroller more like a regular, full-size, but also heavier, stroller.

Lightweight strollers are a good choice for another reason, though. They are easier to push than heavier strollers. This includes when you’re in hilly areas, places where there are bumpy, uneven sidewalks, and even stairways that you maneuver on a regular basis. Heavier strollers will often require more work to get through those types of areas.

Strollers that have More than Just One Seat

If you have two children spaced closely together age-wise, a double stroller is also a great choice. Double or triple strollers are really a nice option for growing families, and they aren’t just for twins or triplets. Some double strollers allow the older child to stand  instead of forcing them to sit. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double is one of the best double stroller

You can also make your own best double stroller by adding an extra seat to the back for a toddler or younger child. A handle bar extender might be needed, because of the decreased distance between your legs and the back of the additional seat.

The best double stroller (s) and triple strollers will be used quite often and can bring any family a great deal of enjoyment. There are two main types of double stroller. There is the side-by-side, and then there is the tandem stroller, which places the children in a row from front to back.

Tandem strollers  can be easier to maneuver because they are narrower than side-by-sides, and can also be easier to fold up. However, preschool children may fight over favorite seating arrangements, causing you stress. Sunshades can also be a problem if they are shared between two seats, when one child wants shade and the other one doesn’t.

Side-by-sides can be more difficult to manage because the wheel base is much wider and the force of moving it forward is spread out over the width of the stroller, meaning more force needs to be applied than it would require on a tandem. The benefit of a side-by-side is that children will actually find it more difficult to bicker and argue with each other because the sides provide some separation between the two seats, at least on most strollers of this variety. There is also much less arguing on which seat is best because they all have the same view. Two other advantages are that they all have their own canopy for shade, and babies and children are more easily placed into and taken out of the stroller than with a tandem style stroller.

Triple strollers in the tandem style  and the side-by-side style have the same pros and cons that double strollers have.

Jogging Strollers – Best for the Active Family

Jogging strollers are adaptations of the regular stroller and are easier to handle, steer, are still lightweight, and are streamlined for speed. The front wheels are typically much closer together, or even reduced to only one, which is placed in the center. All of the wheels are much larger in diameter than a regular stroller’s wheels are. The different placement leads to improved steering capability and the larger size means there is less force needed to rotate the wheels, making the stroller easier to push.

BOB makes  excellent strollers and is one of the oldest companies manufacturing them. They started out making bike trailers for cross-country bike touring, and have used much of the technology and knowledge to build high-quality jogging strollers for active parents and their children.

One thing to be aware of with jogging strollers is that the compartment where the baby is placed is for children who are much larger than babies. To adjust for that, younger babies should be placed inside of either a car seat or a bassinet kit. This is to create a safer ride for them, especially since you’ll be going at a faster rate of speed than you would with a regular stroller. Before two months of age, babies should not be jogged with. After about two months of age, they will have developed enough muscle strength in their necks to withstand the more vigorous rocking motion jogging can create. Until about eight months of age, though, they still need extra support while in a jogger. Ask your baby’s pediatrician about this for more information that is specific to your baby before your baby’s first jogging trip.

There are also double strollers that are also jogging strollers. While double jogging strollers may cost a bit more than either a regular double stroller, or a simple jogging stroller, they are much more versatile than either, even if you don’t have twins or two young children. The extra seat can be used for diaper bags, activities for your child, holding lunch for you and your child, extra blankets and other gear, and so on. It’s also great for babysitting and play dates. The Bumbleride Indie Twin Jogging Double Stroller is an excellent example of this kind of stroller.

Traditional Strollers

For day trips to museums, zoos, fairs and festivals, and amusement parks, as well as around the neighborhood, if there are no such obstacles, the traditional but often heavier stroller is a perfect choice. They can help you get from one part of a large park or festival to another quickly, without needing to go slower than you might otherwise like to do. Visibility is one reason for this. Many people don’t see an umbrella stroller as quickly as they see a much larger stroller .

Traditional strollers can hold more of your and your baby’s gear than what a lightweight or umbrella stroller can hold safely, leaving your arms and shoulders free to push your stroller, as well as look at items while shopping.

The Latest Type of Stroller is Based on the Frame!

There are some strollers that look fairly strange. They’re very bare, and are just a frame.  These frame-only strollers are to be used with a matching car seat. Along the same lines are those strollers that allow you to place a car seat in it. The car seat is snapped into place, making the baby a lot higher. These are good for parents who don’t want to remove their baby from the stroller and place them in the car seat before driving to another place. All the parent has to do is unsnap the car seat from the stroller, then strap the car seat into the base that is strapped into place with the vehicle’s safety belt, fold the stroller up and tuck it in the trunk, and they’re on their way.

The frame-only strollers are usually made for babies up until they are about 1-year-old, and after that, the baby needs to graduate to another stroller. This is because the car seat itself is only for that age range. The strollers that have more than just the frame are more adaptable, because then they can be used as a regular stroller. Another car seat  needs to be purchased, but the stroller continues to be functional.

Cleaning Your Stroller

Cleaning your stroller may seem like a piece of cake, until you’ve done so, and then later found that you didn’t really do as good a job as you thought you did. Most strollers that are larger than the very lightweight umbrella stroller have screwed-on seats. Make sure you keep all of the bolts and the nuts in a safe place, where no young children can reach them. These can be undone so that you can thoroughly wash the seat and hang it to dry. Some parents prefer taking photos of where the bolts or screws are at so that they have no problems reattaching the seat to the stroller’s frame.

Washing the seat in your machine, and also drying it in the drying machine, is not recommended. The harness belts can become tangled around the fabric of the seat and actually cause tears in the fabric. If the harness straps are bolted on separately, then you can wash the seat on the gentle cycle, and hang to dry. Use a stiff brush to just wash the straps by themselves.

When you are washing the seat, you can use a stiff brush to clean out the seam areas found throughout the piece, the webbing that the harness straps are made of, and any tough stains. Use the same laundry detergent that you use for baby’s clothing. If you’re undecided on which one to use, Dreft Laundry Detergent size has been a staple detergent for many families over the years. It’s also recommended by many doctors and pediatricians.

Thoroughly rinse the entire piece out, including the webbing. Hang it up to dry either over the bathroom tub, or outside in the shade. If you hang it up outside, when it is completely dry, inspect it to make sure that there are no nasty surprises left for you by birds or insects. If there are, you don’t have to start all over. Just simply rinse that area off, and hang again in another location that is also in the shade.

After it has completely dried, you can reattach it to the frame. If you took photos, these will help a great deal in this step of the process. If you have any left over screws or bolts, recheck the entire stroller’s seat for the missing location until you find where it goes. Canopies can often be sponged off and air dried, and do not need to be removed to be cleaned.

Camping in the Great Outdoors with Your Baby Often Requires a Stroller

Camping is one of those activities that once started, is very difficult to stop doing. Especially if you have a special campground that you visit every summer, not going just because you have a baby now doesn’t seem right. It’s possible to still go camping with your baby, you just need to pack gear especially for him or her, in addition to your normal gear.

Make sure you have mosquito netting to keep bugs away from baby. If your baby is very young and not mobile yet, you can use a mosquito netting  that goes over the stroller. If he or she is crawling around, or even walking, then that type of netting will work during naps, but the rest of the time, if you are preparing meals and the like, having a portable Playard with a netting Mosquito Toddler Canopy Netting White from overhead is your best bet. Place the placard or playpen under a tree with a branch you can reach, hang the mosquito netting from that branch, and drape it over your baby’s play area.

Stroller Tips for Camping

Unless you live in a very remote region, camping is unlike everyday living by a country mile. All strollers have their pros and cons in most situations, and this is no different. No matter which stroller you use, make sure that the netting you’re using provides protection on the underside of the stroller, as well. It’s easy to see the top, but you’ll have to get down lower to the ground and check for spaces that mosquitoes can enter through so they can bite your baby’s tender skin.

Before you go, make sure your stroller is in good shape. Check the wheels, especially the front ones, for any wear that might lead to a broken wheel. Tree roots, leaf-covered sticks and stones and ruts are all possible hazards to your stroller, particularly the wheels. If your stroller seems stuck, stop and check for the problem instead of trying to force it through whatever it is caught on.

Occasionally, take a break and check the wheels. If you see any debris such as small sticks or leaves wrapped around the wheels, remove it. Most of the time when there is debris, it will be between the wheel’s interior side and the frame. Most strollers have two double wheels in front, so check on both sides of the frame, and against both of the wheels’ interiors.

Fire Hazards

When you’re preparing meals, you’ll want your baby close by, but remember, this isn’t your stove at home. Fire burning in a ring can seem safe, but if ash blows out and is hot enough, it can burn your baby, or worse. Burning wood can create sparks, and sparks can ignite the mosquito netting. Always keep your baby away from the fire, as well as anything that is flammable, such as starter fluid.

Stroller Safety

Keeping Baby Safe Includes Time Spent in the Stroller

Most families with babies and young children have at least one stroller. Some of these may be outdated and can pose safety risks to young children. Babies are much more active than you may think they are, and they can easily move around into positions that if they were in a crib or on the floor might not be harmful to them, but in a stroller, these same positions can be deadly. Babies are known to also move around when asleep!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has published a paper on one type of hazard. This choking hazard is particularly dangerous for babies under one year of age. If a baby tries to escape the stroller and is only restrained by the strap from the seat’s edge to the underside of the tray, he or she can become trapped and strangle or suffocate within the square created by the tray’s underside, the seat, the strap and the outer wall of the stroller. You can visit to find out more about products that may have been recalled. This is the official government site in the USA.

Harness Types

For this reason, the harness inside the stroller needs to be used. This should be either a three- or a five-point harness. Three-point harnesses are attached at the base of the stroller’s seat on both sides of the hips and between the crotch. Five-point harnesses have the same set-up, plus two more straps attached to the base of the backrest of the stroller, at the top of the shoulders on both sides.

Harness closures are typically the same from one stroller to the next, and these are simple enough for an adult to open and close, At first, they may be stiff and hard to open, but most will loosen up some with use. Be careful that no fingers or baby’s stomach are in the way. Pinching can occur when closing the harness and it can be extremely painful!

Harness straps are usually made of very strong webbing, and are easily cleaned up with a stiff brush, should food, milk, or formula ever get on them. If they ever become creased, simply wet them down and crease them the opposite way, and then let them dry flat. Placing clothes pins on them to keep them from curling back up works well. Simply fold the strap lengthwise a few times, and snap the clothes pins on.

Get to Know Your Stroller Before You go Anywhere with It

It’s important that you know how your stroller will maneuver, so taking it for a few test drives around the house first is a good way to find out how well it maneuvers. It might seem like ‘just a stroller,’ but different models are more easily maneuvered than other models are.

Walking around the house with your baby strapped into the stroller, or an older sibling or cousin if your baby hasn’t been born yet, will let you know a great deal about the maneuverability of your new stroller. Entering rooms will get you used to turning corners in stores you visit at the mall. Practice going backward, as well. Do the wheels in the front, which are the most common wheels used for steering, turn around quickly and easily? Do they get stuck in one position, making it difficult to back up if you ever found yourself in an aisle that you might not want to go all the way through? If so, does lifting the front end of the stroller by tipping the stroller arms back towards you to reposition the front wheels make you lose any control of the stroller? Does it make it back-heavy to the point it might tip all the way backward if you don’t increase your grip? These are things to look for.

Try your stroller outside after you’ve used it inside for a while. Does it handle well on concrete? Wet grass is not recommended and should be avoided. Grass, especially patches that are very tall or wet, can cause the wheels to get matted with debris and become difficult to turn. Wheels can break if too much pressure is applied when it’s impossible for the wheel to turn because of foreign objects preventing movement. Take care of the wheels on your stroller by checking them and performing maintenance as needed on a regular basis.

Getting Around with Your Baby, and Getting Back Home Again Together

When out with your baby, always keep a close eye on your baby, as well as anyone who makes you nervous. When out shopping, it might seem like a good idea to ask a saleslady to watch your precious bundle of joy while you try on clothes, but that isn’t her job, and if another customer needs assistance, she might feel obligated to adhere to her employer’s wishes and leave your baby unattended. It’s best to wait until you can bring a friend you trust than to risk it.

While shopping, you need to watch your baby, but when you are done shopping, you still need to be careful. Loading your vehicle with your bags while keeping your baby safe is a challenge. It’s also a time when many carjackings happen. Experts are divided on if you should place your baby in the car before or after you’ve finished with your bags. The choice really is yours, and if you simply don’t have the keys in an easily accessible location where potential carjackers can grab them and gain access to your car, you and your baby will be less of a target to would-be thieves. Distracted shoppers who jangle their keys around while pushing heavily-laden carts are the typical target for carjackers. Having your keys on a bracelet or necklace that you leave on until you’re in your vehicle keeps you and your baby much safer.